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Classroom supplies depend on the grade level. Each different grade determines the supplies that are recommended. Usually, none of the supplies are mandatory - they are recommended. All mandatory supplies are generally provided by the school. However, most students prefer to keep their own paper, pencils, scissors, etc. and therefore teachers recommend the items. Lists of recommended supplies are usually distributed to parents prior to the beginning of the school year, which gives parents plenty of time to purchase the items.

The following is a sample list of classroom supplies that might be recommended for a first grade student.
BR> Student backpack with the child’s name written inside.
One-inch 3 ring binder (with a hard cover - not the floppy kind.)
Student scissors
2 green two-pocket folders
2 red two-pocket folders
Two bottles of white glue
4 spiral notebooks (70 page pad of college rule paper)
hand sanitizer
disinfecting wipes
one box of sharpened pencils
two boxes of crayons- 16 or 24 count
dry erase markers
one dry erase marker eraser
two composition books


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